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The companies business model differs from many other companies in the independent television production sector as it retains control and ownership of all of the rights in its programming beyond the first-run rights granted to the broadcaster. Traditionally, most independent television production companies have been forced to give up these rights to the broadcaster in order to secure distribution. The company will only enter into deals that allow significant control and ownership of all the rights to each project developed, produced, or distributed to the companies library. These rights are valuable, as in addition to the revenues generated from the primary rights licensed to the broadcaster, the company is able to generate substantial additional revenue streams through the use of its own funding source known as the Xtreme Revenue Fund while allowing the Broadcaster to keep their creative integrity and entrepreneurial spirit. We strive to promote an awareness of this newly created prospect within our industry, develop friendly inspired creativeness, and at the same time bring to fruition a economically sustainable businesses, while increasing the Investors value.

The business model also departs from the traditional approach adopted by many independent production companies. We procure government contracts in the film & television arena to promote a new vision for the Dept of Defense as seen through the eyes of disabled veterans who then become gainfully employed utilizing the process of Vets On Set services.

We have been in the industry since 2009.

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