Luke Houser

Pine, Colorado

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To enhance my versatile and natural talents, experiences, within a competitive work environment. To see the world, and work for an organization that I am passionate about. Acquire a sustainable and enjoyable career in a highly competitive field of research. To be the change that I wish to see in the world.

My passions are to specifically focused on causes pertaining to environmental awareness, and environmental activism.

I am originally Michigan, currently living in the Denver area of Colorado; I am seeking to supplement my talents by working within an organization that has an emphasis on Environmental and Humanitarian awareness(es). Currently I work for the State of Colorado (specifically in Park Services). I am looking to take the experience and expertise that I have attained from this, and reapply it towards a career focusing on Environmental causes.

Acting as the sole proprietor, director and editor of an [up and coming] video production company:
Specializing in logistical analysis,
Video formatting,
Technological editing and formulation,
Directorial collaboration
Data Transfer and
Video-graphic Compilations

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