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Video production, television commercials, web commercials, website, live events.

At Go Live, we take a project and look at it from every angle with the ultimate goal of telling "the story" in a unique and creative way. Whether that be a 30 second television commercial, a documentary, live event and more we bring a fresh perspective to the world of new media.

For example, just about any media company can create a 30 second commercial. Outside shot of the building, inside pan from left to right, close-up of owner shaking hands with client, cue awkward smile and look toward camera, end with graphic and voice narration. Here at Go Live, we call that kind of commercial a "Skip-It." With nearly 50% of all households skipping ads with their DVR and everyone else multitasking during commercial breaks (checking email, Facebook, Twitter), your message better be unique or viewers will choose to "Skip-It."

The best way to get viewers to look up from their multitasking world or stop pressing the fast forward button is to present them with something unique on their screen.

Here at Go Live, we use humor whenever possible. However, it is by far the most difficult kind of media to produce. If done right, it works and wins awards! If done wrong, it can look cheap, awkward and really hurt your brand.

The same can be said for dramatic media. Remember the saying, "I laughed, I cried, it really moved me?" Well, here at Go Live, we agree.

In The Market For A New Car?
Added on 4/23/2013
30 second spot created for the Toledo Blade classifieds. Local and Regional Gold Addy Winner.

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