About Me

Graduate student in music and sound for visual media. Freelance live sound recordist, mixer, boom operator, and post-production sound designer, Foley and ADR editor. Music composer and producer with experience working on a variety of projects including documentaries, animation, feature-film, short-film, commercials and video games.

- Ability to manipulate and work sound for the moving image
- Excellent listening skills
- Ability to work efficiently under pressure
- Excellent communication skills
- Good organizational skills
- Positive and encouraging attitude
- Ability to work to strict deadlines

Passionate about the world we live in. Interested in always finding new ways to use sound and music to strike up emotion in a completely unique yet universal manner. Wants to inspire people. Constantly documenting, discovering, and seeking sources of inspiration through hiking and camping, traveling and exploring, and meeting new people along the way.

- Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel etc.)
- DAW (Logic, ProTools, Adobe Audition)
- Music Scoring Software (Sibelius)
- Video Editing (Avid Media Composer, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premier)
- Video Game Engines (Unity, F-Mod, Flash)
- Picture Editing (Photoshop)

Work with Siera Sinclair

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