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Good Day to you,Im Aaron Butler.Im known as a multi-talented individual who has been in the industry behind the scenes since 2003 ,I started off as an Artist .I dabbled in the realm of Hip hop,RNB,Gospel,Contemporary etc. Through out the years I made a following doing this and i still produce music till this day.Along the way however I worked as a stage hand for 4 yrs which lead me into the film industry.I began as a Production Assistant on my first movie for Sci-Fi channel called "Raptor Ranch" which was done by Fossil Films.I quickly rose from my ranking on this movie when I was approached by the director Danny Bishop on writing songs for the film.Immediately following that I got casted in a small role in the film.From that day forward I have continued in the field and attend NorthLake College finishing my degree in Film/Tv.Some of my Best assets in video/film production would be talent,writing and Editing .I also have advanced skills in camerawork.Im seeking not only new ventures but a production/studio company I can call home.I have great ideas and skills that are waiting to make someone and me very rich.

Its Just Tuesday By Aaron B. Southern
Added on 4/26/2013
This is a video I did just show my skills as an artist and Editor .Wanted to show people what i could do with absolutely no budget .I had fun making and my fans enjoyed it as well.I wanted it to artistic and show the power of projection.

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