Lori Schkufza

Buffalo, New York

About Me

2D Artist/Animator
Specializing in Flash and After Effects

Lori Schkufza, or Gutter Rabbit, is an award winning* 2D Animator and Illustrator. She has worked both in the freelance world and for social network gaming. As a Flash specialist she uses mostly puppet based systems for character animation, designing and building all of her own puppets. The majority of her work is produced entirely on her own where she is responsible for all aspects and stages of the production pipeline from writing, designing, storyboarding, and animation to editing and post production.

Her work is greatly inspired by the modern animation style and especially the work of Ward Kimball, using flatter elements with limited animation. The subject matter stems mostly from the people in her life (see Hammer Down, Homebrewers!), past travels (see Yugoslavia), and her Balkan background (see Milan & Zlatorog). Animation also features prominent themes of love, loss, and everyday relationships between people.

She spends her non animating and illustrating time embarking on long distance hikes, baking scones, keeping up with hockey and the Habs, and watching endless old movies.

2014 Reel: 2D Artist
Added on 12/9/2014
Latest cut of reel. Bumpers (Flash, After Effects) In order of appearance, there are excerpts from: Recording Session: Eric (Flash, puppet animation vignette of a voice recording session) Loop de Loop: Childhood (Flash animated loop on the theme Childhood) What Does My Number Mean: A Basic Research Primer on Mammographic Density (Flash, After Effects) Mornings at Gutter Rabbit: or, How to Make Bosnian Coffee in 14 Steps (Flash, After Effects) Trail Life: Bear (Flash, puppet animated vignette using photo from the Appalachian Trail as background) Lionel Groulx - Snowdon (Flash, puppet animated short film) 42 Below Vodka Spec (After Effects, mograph collaborative, puppets built and animated by me) Cote Vertu Video: MoGraph from Lionel Groulx-Snowdon (Flash & After Effects) Milan & Zlatorog: A Slovenijen Tale (Flash, puppet animated short film)

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