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San Francisco, California

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Based out of an apartment on a hill in San Francisco, I edit and shoot HD video for a living, take landscape and nature photography for fun, and write about music because I can't help myself. After graduating from Arizona State University, I've worked in an assortment of positions that might seem a bit random: clearance-level work at a defense contractor, CMS/photography for a DC health care think tank, writing and photography for an outdoor concessionaire blog, data management for the NPS and, currently, video editing and videography for a boutique stock photography/video agency. Despite the wide diversity of positions, they are all related: they've all made me a better photographer, editor, marketer, organizer and artist. I also love my family, girlfriend and friends but those seem secondary to the purposes here.

I have been in the industry since 2006.

Videography Reel
Added on 4/30/2013
A reel highlighting the digital video that I've shot over the past few years.

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