Bill Aylward

Brooklyn, New York


About Me

I'm a seasoned line-producer, director, editor, shooter, motion graphics artist who has extensive, hands-on familiarity with a variety of cameras, lighting, crews and post production techniques.

Over the years, I have line-produced, shot and/or directed a wide variety of projects - including PSAs, convention & event shoots, network promos, show opens, music videos, soft news/human interest segments, corporate marketing/profiles and commercials. I treat people as I wish to be treated, work well beyond "hard" and try to laugh as much as possible.

As I have my own gear, I’m comfortable as a “one man band” or equally at ease being a team player while line-producing and/or directing a full crew; whatever the project requires. Additionally, I have a strong background in post and often cut, composite, design & animate graphics and color correct.

I have been in the industry since 1995.

KeyInfo's CIO/CMO Summit 2013
Added on 8/23/2014
Cocktails on the beach in Santa Barbara, late afternoon, early September - sounds good, right? It was GREAT! We shot it:-) For the third consecutive year, Fred+Ethel produced a video documenting KeyInfo's CIO/CMO Summit. The annual event brought together the best and brightest of IT - and for the first time, Marketing professionals in an informal mind meld meant to stimulate and inform. A good time was had by all! With regards to the video, Pete Elliot, KeyInfo's Director of Marketing declared, "it's the best one yet!" "Bill and his team clearly stepped out of their comfort zone and hit yet another home run!"

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