Jacob Burns

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


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Freelance Filmmaker - Experience in Cinematography, Camera Operation and Maintenance, Editing and Media Management, Writing, and Directing.

Jacob Leighton Burns Demo Reel 2013
Added on 5/8/2013
Jacob Leighton Burns Demo Reel 2013 Projects Featured: Zach Burns: Artist (Promo) - Cinematographer Synthetic (Film )- Director/Cinematographer/Editor The Fable of Shannon Cable (Film) - Cinematographer The Damn Few (Web Series) - Cinematographer Mad Men Marketini Awards (Promo) - Cinematographer Doritos "Time Machine" (Spec Commercial) - Cinematographer The Good, The Bad, and the Somewhere In Between - Director/Cinematographer/Editor Broken Boy (Film) - Director/Cinematographer/Editor Music: Studiohead by Alex Beaulieu (premiumbeat.com)

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