Jaime Puerta

New York, New York

About Me

I am an film director trained in film and theatre. I am a storyteller.

One of the most important aspects of my career thus far has been the experience I have gained from working in so many different roles within the film making process, such as a director, an actor, a story teller, and a producer for film, television, theatre and commercials. As a director, I would be able to provide you with my undivided focus and attention, and be very comfortable applying all my skills to various areas in the film business. In addition, I am a proficient editor, highly organized, reliable, and most importantly passionate about my profession. 

I currently lead the Africa.com Video Production Team. In coordination with the Content Team, it is my responsibility to manage and oversee all the aspects of video production: strategy, direction, crew selection, cinematography, editing, and video/video post-works.

I graduated in Visual theater in the Institut del Teatre of Barcelona, Audiovisual Communication in the Universitat Oberta of Catalunya, and Film Directing at the New York Film Academy.

Please, see my work and reels on my website.

I have been in the industry since 1998.

Jaime Puerta TV Commercial/music video Reel
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