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Well, it is a project studio designed specifically for the working folks of the Corinth, Iuka, Booneville, Tupelo and Memphis area. The idea for this began around 2005. Several conversations with local artists, usually ended with a question, "Why aren't you in the studio?" That had the same answer, time and time again. We don't have the money! I thought this is a tremendous disservice to ALL Musicians, if you can't even afford to make a single Demo, how will they become a known artist? Fact is, you can't unless you just get lucky by being at the right place at the right time. And let's face it, how often are we in that place? After more than 20 years of experience in bands, band management and studio work; I thought, What the heck! My Wife and I talked it over for several months, you know how that is? Going back and forth over the not so hot topic of the start up money (Youch!) and where it would come from. Well, since I had not been able to poo money over the last 33 years, not from lack of trying mind you, that became the most critical decision for our Household. After many months of this, we finally decided how to come up with the initial investment. Folks, I have to be completely honest here, no matter what most people do with the proceeds made on a project studio, we will be reinvesting into the studio itself. This will obviously bring more equipment and services to you, the Customer. Our Family has been in Customer Service for many years now, this is the number one priority for this establishment. You! We thank you for considering our studio for your recording needs. If you have any questions, at all; please don't hesitate to contact us via email or phone.

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