Joshua Miller

Brookline, Massachusetts


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Nationally credited, award winning ENG/EFP camera operator, editor and instructor at Emerson College in Boston, MA. Steadicam certified. Experience with high profile celebrities. Bachelors of visual media arts and minor in journalism from Emerson College.

Joshua Miller Stinger Reel
Added on 5/24/2013
Current stinger reel for the work of Joshua Daniel Miller. Music: Finale by Madeon Clips Featured: What To Expect When You're Expecting Red Carpet Premier - cambio.com/2012/05/09/chase-crawford-in-what-to-expect-find-out-the-gross-thing-h/ Jenny McCarthy at the Mohegan Sun - vimeo.com/46285163 2010 Academy Awards - vimeo.com/10130385 Jordin Sparks Behing-The-Scenes for Seventeen Magazine - cambio.com/2012/08/01/jordin-sparks-takes-us-behind-the-scenes-of-her-seventeen-maga/ Ticket To Tasty vimeo.com/22741053 Interview with Wolfgang Puck. vimeo.com/10785313

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