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North Hollywood, California

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Feedback Film Fest is dedicated to providing professional and honest feedback to new filmmakers. Every filmmaker that submits will receive personalized notes on where the film works, where it doesn’t, and suggestions on how the film could be improved. Even if there is no solution, understanding why a film doesn’t work is key to creating better films in the future, something that is frequently overlooked by film professors and peers.

Created by the Director of Operations and one of the Programmers behind the Oscar®-qualifying 16th Annual Los Angeles International Short Film Festival (LA Shorts Fest), Feedback Film Fest was designed to provide critical advice to growing filmmakers and help them improve their films for festival selection.

“There is a frequent problem with growing filmmakers,” explained Executive Director Domenic Yovina, “where they make films, in many cases fresh out of film school, that are worthy of festival consideration but not quite at the caliber most festivals expect. With limited guidance, few industry connections, and almost no experience bringing their film to a festival's attention, they are often shut out of the festival circuit with no explanation. This festival is an opportunity to help these filmmakers learn from their completed films and showcase the standout films that may have not been given a proper chance.”

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