About Me

As a freelance Sound Designer, I created several sound effects by recording location audio, manipulating recorded audio, and designing sound effects through plug-ins, inside of DAWs.

As a freelance Composer, I wrote and recorded several scores via virtual plug-ins and by recording/engineering sessions with artists.

As a freelance Audio Engineer, I have run sessions with artists, learned to record and mix, professionally-- increased productivity through workflow, learned recording techniques and mic placement techniques, and learned how to create professional sounding audio in every session that I run.

Youtube: www.youtube.com

I have been in the industry since 2010.

MW3 Sound Design, Composition, and ADR Video- Game Audio Class Project
Added on 5/30/2013
MW3 Trailer for Game Audio (Sound Design and Composition Project) I had 2 weeks to replace all of the audio for this trailer. That’s right- I remade all of the audio from scratch (including the composition of the score). I also wrote, recorded, edited, and mixed the dialogue.

Work with Adam Joyner

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