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Cape Coral, Florida


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To let whomever is reading this, I am having trouble uploading my pictures. Please go to my website training and you can see all of the pictures and videos. I am a Moulage/Special Effects artist. I am also a Certified EMT here in FL. I do simulated make-up injuries, which are applied to a "victim" that gives the sense of a realistic environment. I have done Moulage for Mass Casualty Drills, Project Crash at our High Schools to prevent drinking and driving. I demonstrate some very different simulated injuries such as bruises, burns, compound fractures, bullet wounds, glass in different body parts, and amputations. The police, EMS and Fire work together to do active school shootings, school bombings and also had a whole county participate of a mass casualty drill at a baseball game. I am currently working on doing Zombie Special Effect's.

I have been in the industry since 2011.

Project Crash
Added on 6/7/2013
Project Crash is done by the High Schools before prom to show the senior's the dangers of drinking and driving. I had done the special effects make-up.

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