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As Creative Director at Onpoint Studio, I am actively engaged in developing mobile game concepts and identifying best practices in design integration for the mobile gaming industry.

As a commercial artist, I have successfully developed high quality concepts, 2D art and design frameworks with the intention of delivering the best results to the mobile gaming market. After having worked as a freelancer on various commercial projects, I have set up Onpoint Studio with my team of dedicated artists and designers and developers to deliver high quality mobile gaming and application solutions. Today, Onpoint Studio represents a history of quality performance in visual design and mobile gaming experience.

If you are interested in having a gaming or application concept developed, we can help. Rather than deploying a traditional approach, where we allow principles of K.I.S.S to dictate the concept, Onpoint Studio deploys what we would like to call a ‘bottom-up’ approach. Here is how we differentiate ourselves:

* We dedicate our focus to project viability. Any game essentially has to be enjoyable, and should be profitable. We work closely with you to develop viable concepts that promise an excellent experience, in addition to a return on your investment.
* The designs we create are optimized for maximum visual output for the platform chosen.
* Simplicity is at the heart of our designs. We deliver clean and simple designs that appeal to the target audience and ensure smoother operation.

I will encourage you to contact me directly to discuss your gaming or mobile application design projects. We are eager to work closely with you, and to see your projects develop into genuine experiences that are highly valued by your target audience. Simply send me an email to start our relationship!

2D game art, Character design, Conceptual art, Art direction, Graphic design, UI Design, Design implementation, Mobile gaming technologies, Project management, Client service.

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