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Take the scary out of storytelling...

A group of strangers walks into a room and forms a circle.
They tell their stories.
They listen to one another.
Something happens.

Experience what participants have called essential, empowering, and utterly transformational.

Whether you are working on your professional story for career enhancement, your business story for leadership and entrepreneurial success or shaping your stories into art (film, book, or live performance), this workshop is the first step towards giving you the tools to succeed!

Created by Murray Nossel, PhD and Paul Browde, MD, the full-day NARATIV Personal Storytelling workshop draws from anthropology, psychology, performance and neuroscience to teach the art of listening, as well as essential tools to build successful stories.

Participants are led through collaborative exercises that foster specific skills of successful storytelling. Workshop participants work on two of their own stories, learning to connect with their audience, to reflect on their experiences in memorable, inspiring and engaging ways to become more powerful communicators.

Join us for this meaningful workshop and learn about the remarkable capacity of stories - 'storytelling that has a transfixing grip on our hearts and minds, that can change our shared experience for the better.'

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