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Chicago, Illinois


About Me

DP with RED Epic packages, a wide array of cameras and lighting. and a FAA Drone license.

My passions for art and collaboration has allowed me to live my best life as a globe trotting cinematographer. The work I am best known for is my cinematic advertising, pop-art inspired narratives, and intimate documentaries. My clients include National Geographic, FIFA International, Spike TV, FitBit, and Dolby Digital. Every year I take on bigger and more diverse projects, because what makes someone really good in this industry is experience. From coast to coast to around the world, I've got the right experiences to bring your vision to life.

Aside from my work as a Dp, I also own and manage a production company. I'll be happy to consider any project as a freelancer, or by bringing on my company's valuable resources. My team and I deliver our clients professionally run sets, and a comprehensive experience from preproduction to post. My team can offer your project audio recording, on site DIT, editing and color grading.

Please see my client list below, and my gear list below that.

Clients List:

National Geographic
Spike TV
Dolby Digital
Leo Burnett
McDonalds USA
Wells Fargo
Jacobson Rost
Leinenkugel's Brewing Company
Optimum Nutrition
Harvard University
The Chicago Bulls Association
Red Robin International
Music Box Films


RED Epic 6k
RED Scarlet 4k
Canon 4k 1DC DSLRs
Sony A7s
Canon L-Series primes and zooms
A wide array of audio recording equipment (including wireless lavs)
A one ton production lighting truck
UAV/Drone (with license and registration)
**In addition to the cameras listed above, I also shoot with the Arri Alexa Mini, C3/500s, and Sony 35

Thank you for taking the time to consider me for your project, and I look forward to working with you!

Bryan Racine
Industry active since 2005.

I have been in the industry since 2005.

Northwoods Revolution 2018 Reel
Added on 6/20/2018

This is my company's 2018 reel. Our hope was to show a wide range of our most recent projects. These projects have taken us across the globe, and brought us into the homes of some of the kindest and…


Bryan had done several shoots for me. Always a professional with excellent quality.

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