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Video production is my passion. I work largely as a hybrid director/cinematographer in Chicago, New York, and LA. I film incredible interviews, visceral documentaries, and cinematic commercial content. I work with brands such as Samsung, Dolby, Marriott Hotels, and more. Please read my client reviews below for more perspectives on my work and approach to filmmaking.

I work as a one man band, and I will also be happy to bring on my company's full crew and resources. My production company, Sola Fide Films combines cutting-edge tech, Hollywood-grade cameras, cinema lenses, and cinematic lighting techniques to craft our top-tier visuals. My team delivers a comprehensive workflow from pre-production to post, professionally managed sets, and full crews including audio engineers, on-site DIT, editing, and color grading.

I graduated with a degree in cinematography from Columbia College Chicago in 2010. I directed my first feature film the following year, and my first feature documentaries soon after, which brought my crew to England, Ukraine, Russia, Saudi Arabia, France, and a US road trip that covered nearly two dozen States. After establishing production companies for the content distribution companies Audiotree TV, Northwoods Revolution, and Big Room, I founded Sola Fide Films, the perfect evolution of my career to date.

Thank you for taking the time to consider me for your project, and I look forward to working with you!

I have been in the industry since 2009.

Sola Fide Films' 2019 Reel
Added on 12/4/2019
This is my production company's 2019 reel. Everything was shot and/or directed by Bryan Racine as the Creative Director, or lead cinematographer.


Bryan was a great Director to work with. He was diligent, dedicated and focused and had a good eye for detail. He had done a lot of preparation ahead of the shoot and brought new ideas to the realisation of the script. He was very thoughtful and considered in his approach.

Laura Thompson
Creative Director, Crisis Guardian

I have worked with Bryan several times and always try to get him when I can. He is creative, driven, passionate, and most importantly, professional. He actively reassesses the approach to get the best shots, optimize for efficiency, and he does not stop until the product is done. He is a great teammate and I look forward to working together with him more.

Sammy Rubin
Founder, Big Room

The DUO team worked with Bryan and his audio engineer on a recent video shoot in Chicago. In all ways, Bryan was a professional, from his communications style through the quality of his work. Bryan worked well with our client as he staged the interviews, and provided helpful advice to the DUO team when setting up the interview and during the interview process. We will definitely use him again when next in Chicago.

Karen Pennington
Production Coordinator, DUO Media Productions

Dear ProductionHUB community,
I recently collaborated with Bryan Racine on a short film entitled The Soccer Mystic. Bryan's outstanding reel is what originally made him my first choice for the project. We had a micro-budget, and we were able to count on Bryan for his tremendous cinematic vision and awesome skills in all facets of production. If you are looking for a visionary artist with a friendly personality and the technical skills to back you up to create an amazing cinematic experience, I recommend Bryan. Respectfully, J.B. Brenner

Joshua Brenner
Director, Digital Emulation

Bryan had done several shoots for me. Always a professional with excellent quality.

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