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Chicago, Illinois


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I have an incredible passion for filmmaking and camera work. I founded the production company, Northwoods Revolution, with two partners in 2008. My partners and I share a vision for the quality and ease of workflow which we deliver to our clients. I have spent the past ten years working and learning, being fortunate enough to meet some of the most amazing teams in the industry, and filming extensively in Europe, the Middle East, the Caribbean, and in almost every state. I work the most often in New York, Chicago, and Las Angeles.

My career relies heavily on my ability to work and communicate with my clients. This is a point that I focus a great deal of my energy on. I find the best work is created through respect and listening; when people are able to work together to produce a shared vision. My team and I work hard to make life easier for our clients. We make it our business to have the right materials, the right planning, and the right crew for the project at hand. I often work as a one man band, but my team can crew as many as are needed.

My crew and I pride ourselves in our versatility. I have spent countless hours preparing and honing my travel equipment, so that I am able to go anywhere in the world, all while capturing the pure and beautiful story unfolding.

This is my gear list:

RED Epic 6k
RED Scarlet 4k
Canon 4k 1DC DSLRs
Canon L-Series primes and zooms
a wide array of audio recording equipment (including wireless lavs)
a one ton production lighting truck
UAV/Drone (with license and registration) and much more.

Besides the cameras listed above, I also shoot with the Arri Alexa, C100-C500s, and Sony 35.

Client List:

National Geographic
Leo Burnett
McDonalds USA
Wells Fargo
Jacobson Rost
Leinenkugel's Brewing Company
Optimum Nutrition
Harvard University
The Chicago Bulls Association
Red Robin International
Music Box Films.

Feel free to reach out with any questions, I look forward to working with you!

Bryan Racine

I have been in the industry since 2005.


Added on 1/4/2016

Bryan's 2016 Reel

This is the current reel for my production company, Northwoods Revolution.

Video Logo 02:44
Bryan's 2016 Reel
Video Logo 00:30
Divorce Attorney
Video Logo 02:21
Optimum Nutrition: True Strength
Video Logo 03:55
Wood is Good
Video Logo 00:54
Camp Kooch-i-Ching
Video Logo 00:30
The Birthday Burger Teleporter
Video Logo 00:30
Mueller's Pasta Commercial
Video Logo 01:00
Elevation Edge
Video Logo 01:04
Commercial for Alexia Design's Blush Prom, 2013


McDonald's Leo Burnett Live Nation FOX Entertainment Hub International Leinenkugel's Red Robin International Optimum Nutrition Jacobson/Rost The Chicago Bulls Association


4k RED Arsenal of Canon DSLRs + Lenses Steadicam Camera Slider 14ft Mini crane Tricaster 8000 Live Video Switcher 30ft Crane w/ Articulating Head + Focus Control GoPro 3


Certificate of Appreciation for F.O.R.C.E. P.S.A. Take One Film Festival Finalist 1st place winner of Red Robin's Zooppa commercial contest.

Associations / Organizations

Rock 4 Kids The Special Olympics


Bryan had done several shoots for me. Always a professional with excellent quality.

TED-TV Productions