Cathy Nichols

Anaheim Hills, California

About Me

Salutations! I deeply enjoy collaborating with my fellow co-workers, generating great work while encouraging others to do the same. I have an excellent work ethic that enables me to work diligently to complete assignments on deadline, a unique sense of humor that I strive to imbue in my work and imaginative energy that I believe would any work environment.

During the summer of 2012 I helped co- direct animation through my internship at the MacGillvray Freeman Films on an animated short, The Ocean We Want to Know. Quickly after, I also helped complete another animated short, Attack of the 50-Foot Hero, from start to finish with the collaboration of fourteen other animators under the direction of Eric Goldberg.

Currently, I am working on a collaborative short films, Hot Spot.

Demo Reel
Added on 7/27/2013
My 2013 Demo Reel

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