Brian Murphy

Studio City, California


About Me

Howdy, I’m Brian Murphy.

But who am I really?...

A Visual Effects Artist working in Los Angeles, of course. A computer geek since the early 90’s, yep .. definitely. I’ve always been fascinated with creating things spawned from the imagination, melded with science and art, leaving the people asking “How’d he do that?!”

My passion is figuring out how things work; to create, duplicate, remake, and fix all that is around us. Being a Visual Effects Artist allows my mind to always be fascinated and challenged with new creative goals. Having worked on a children’s science show, learning science to create animated science demonstrations was terrific. Always wanting to expand my knowledge and skill sets I welcomed all sorts of projects; everything from interstitials, commercials, TV, film to stereoscopic conversion. Along the way being fortunate enough to work on some large scale projects with studios such as Warner Brothers and Paramount. I love to instruct and guide younger artists as well as encourage peers to continue with their amazing talents.

As broad of a Visual Effects Artist as I am, knowing pre-production to post production; 2D asset building, 3D simulations to compositing the scope doesn't end there. I also create graphic artwork on multiple platforms as such graphic design, motion graphics and photo re-touching.

I invite all new opportunities, seeing them as new adventures; a place to absorb more skills and knowledge while artistically engineering more beautiful artwork.

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