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Splash is a full service visual effects boutique dedicated to the idea that no one should have to sacrifice quality in the pursuit of greatness.

Regardless of the budget, your project matters to us because Splash is passionate about thoughtful creative and is fearless in the face of technical complication; our heart is in the art, but we have constructed a team made of the people you call when others have already failed.

We are a full service visual effects boutique specializing in the following pre & post production services;

On-set VFX Supervision, Animation, Digital Doubles, Creatures, Compositing, Concept Design, Storyboards, and Digital Matte Painting, Set Extensions and more

We have been in the industry since 2003.

Splash VFX Compilation Reel
Added on 12/1/2014
Storytelling is at the heart of Splash’s business, and we give you the flexibility to tell your story, freely and without compromise. We do this through a combination of artistry and technical experience, utilizing visual effects to ignite the imagination, bring visual coherence, create emotional connections, drive a call-to-action, and generate lasting brand experiences that add authenticity and allegiance to your message or brand. Great storytellers have full control over their story from beginning to end. Splash puts that control in your hands. No matter how small the role or how large the ask, Splash will come alongside you and your team to facilitate and execute something perfectly crafted for your goals. If you’d like to get started, drop us a line or shoot us an email. We love to explore ideas; we love to bring them to life.

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