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With being Ex-Military (i.e. Naval Special Warfare - Operations Specialist) & an Ex-Executive in Corporate America (e.g. CEO, Pres, VP, GM, Etc, Etc, Etc...), the collapse of the Housing Industry put me in a unique postion to go after a life long dream - the world of entertainment.

I immediately looked at making it in the Entertainment Business just like any other Business Venture... for, well, it is a "Business". So, I immediate set things in motion to start building my resume... next was an Agent... followed by a Manager... and so on & so forth. I also attacked the business from every angle; e.g. if I wasn't in front of the camera - I was going to be behind it! Whatever it would take to make things happen.

With that being said, a very funny thing happened. I found out that I also loved being behind the camera, and I was a fantastic Director! So, next thing you know - I Produced my 1st Commercial for TV & Web, I was 1st AD on my 1st Indy Film, & I was Directing Music Videos.

Now, 4 years later, I have a TV Series/Pilot being shopped to the PTB's, I have a Feature Film also being shopped, & I am now a Director, Producer, Writer, & Actor. Along with that, I've done just about every major job on a film crew & my Productions have expanded into Commercials for TV/Web, Music Videos, Live Concerts & Events, Feature Films, TV Pilots/Series, Corporate Videos, Etc...

I currently have Complete Press Kits for my TV Series/Pilot ("AMP") & a Feature Film ("A Few Loose Screws"), along with 4 additional Feature Film Treatments; that I am waiting to start the scripts on (these 4 FF Treaments are all for Productions that will require a minimum of $20M to Produce)

Along with returning to Acting, I am also looking to expand my Directing & Producing Portfolio. In other words, I am looking to work with other Production Companies (e.g. Directing, 1st AD, 2nd AD, DP, Producer, Exec Producer, Writer, Etc...). I also have experience with Post-Production Editing... for in the "Indy" world - you have to learn and do it all!

I, of course, have a Director's Reel, an Acting Reel, & pleanty of Promo's/Trailers for my Live Concert/Event Productions (along with Teasers & Trailers for my TV Pilot "AMP" & FF - "A Few Loose Screws". I also have Dozens of Interviews as the Interview Host/On Camera Personality, with Bands, VIP's, Sponsors, Etc. All of which are available upon request.

I would love the opportunity to bring my unique cinematography, wide angle/2-shot, POV style of shooting & communicative directing to your Production! Let's work together & not only make $$$... let's make fantastic Entertainment together!!

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