Kristina Rusch

Boulder, Colorado

About Me

Writer, director and producer for short films and music videos. Kristina has a background in photography and a passion for storytelling through acting. With an artistic vision, she strives to show emotion through photos, film and video.

I have been in the industry since 2013.

In Due Time
Added on 6/26/2013
"In Due Time" portrays the life of a young woman who has a tough decision to make... Does she stick by her drug-addicted boyfriend and raise a child, or choose an alternative? Caitlin (23) was no stranger to the party scene. Her boyfriend Travis became notorious for selling cocaine and throwing outrageous parties, but when Caitlin becomes pregnant with Travis' child, she expects Travis to change his ways and support their new family. She is forced to make a life altering decision; whether or not to keep her unborn child.

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