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Burbank, California 91505


About Us

The Institution began life over a decade ago as a feature film production company. Out of a necessity to manage post costs on their own in-house projects, they were early adopters of “desktop based post” and pioneered many of the digital workflows that are ubiquitous in post houses today. The company has evolved into client friendly (they did start on the “other side”, after all!), forward thinking, and efficient boutique post facility. The Institution Post, based in Burbank, offers visual effects, editorial, color correction, on-line, delivery, trailer creation, and post supervision in all formats. The Institution Post services clients from feature films, television, and new media. Clients include Comedy Central, Showtime Networks, Lionsgate, HBO, Nickelodeon, Disney Channel, CMG, SyFi, PBS, AwesomenessTV, The CW, YouTube Red, Campfire, Full Screen, Netflix, and Hulu.

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