Scott Becker

Elmwood Park, Illinois


About Me

I offer over thirty-five years of corporate communications experience in video production and a degree in visual effects and animation based skills. I have taught animation and compositing at the college level for fourteen years.

• Production of smaller scale projects utilizing my expertise as a problem solver for tight budgets.
• Pre-production, screenplay, script doctoring.
• Post-production services include editing, 2D compositing, mesh modeling, digital sets, match-moving.
• Games Environments
• Editorial still photography.

I have been in the industry since 1976.

I Love New York
Added on 4/26/2016
My history of creating short blog guerilla style editorial productions ranges back to 2007 initially starting on Youtube but expanding out onto Vimeo. The minor productions are created with a pocket camera set to HD 1280 x 720. They incorporate real time real life footage of street level experiences that are edited into two to eight minute commentaries. The hook is that the viewer is seeing street level realities through the happenstance of unplanned experiences as can be noted in this latest trip to New York.

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