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My role as Producer entails coordinating all aspects of programs from the initial concept to final distribution. This includes planning for radio shows, editing interviews, organizing remote broadcast, writing scripts, securing/confirming guests for shows, ensuring the technical aspects of the broadcast are seamlessly executed. My duties, from a technical and administrative standpoint, enable the broadcasts to appear effortlessly flawless to the listener. Some of these duties include but are not limited to:
• Produce and direct live broadcasts and studio tapings, adhering to the highest technical standards for audio production and broadcast
• Archive and transfer audio files to master control, automated delivery systems, and servers as needed to deliver quality audio content to audiences across multiple platforms
• Prepare and upload MP3 and other audio formats for web streaming, podcast audio, and RSS feeds
• Prep studio daily to ensure that control room and studio are operational, and that all essential equipment is in working order and ready for use
• Maintain and optimize an organized system of audio files and databases
• Prepare and record live remotes or in-studio performances of music
• Produce multi-track mixes for the program, when necessary
• Pitch segments, book guests, conduct research, write copy and questions, and fulfill other editorial responsibilities as assigned
• Keep up to date on community news, government, business, arts, politics, education, health care, and relevant regional issues
• Work with internal and external teams to execute specific projects including partnerships with independent producers, public radio stations and other media or community partners
• Participate in fundraising activities as necessary.
• Fluency in the full range of issues and news stories at play in regional and local news
• Ability to synthesize large amounts of information and identify relevant angles and guests through strong research and dissemination skills, preparing briefing materials for KNPR’s news team
• Operate standard broadcast equipment to produce and direct live broadcast of program, integrating phone calls and remote guests with easy facility
• Knowledge of mixing console, digital recording equipment, and other equipment in broadcast chain
• Ability to record and edit interview material with digital audio software
• Ability to troubleshoot equipment and systems quickly and effectively as needed
• Ability to use critical thinking skills and make immediate decisions in regards to the audio quality and content of the program as it airs live
• Organizational skills to achieve efficiencies and improvements to the workflow in a fast-paced, focused atmosphere with high production output weekly and consistently meet deadlines

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