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Round Rock, Texas

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-VFX and Compositing - CG Integration with live action plates, stereoscopic conversion, 2D and 3D Tracking, digital matte painting, keying, color correcting, masking, rotoscoping, matching grain
-3d key frame animation - Realistic and stylized animations for character and vehicles.
-Motion Capture - Clean up mo-cap data, translate that movement onto a digital model
-Rigging - Optimizing mesh and creating weight maps, creating bone and layer based rigs for hard surface and sub patch objects, creating IK/FK rigs, knowledge of expressions, follower, cyclist, etc.
-3d modeling - Hard surface and sub-patch. Creating high poly meshes for cinematics and film, And Low poly meshes for video games that match the great level of detail as the high poly meshes.
-Texturing - Creating photorealistic textures via UV map to create color, diffuse, occlusion, specular, cavity, displacement, normal, and bump maps

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