A. Sabrena Farmer

Lithonia, Georgia

About Me

A. Sabrena Farmer (The Creative Woman) is an actress, artist, director and playwright. Her dramatic gift is God inspired. As a playwright she makes sure her plays inform people on how to have hope in God. Her goal is to prepare the table before the world by showing God’s gifts through artistic expression whether that be in a play or in the visual arts.

Please check out her site at www.sabrenathecreativewoman.com to see the services she offers, or email her at creativeasf@comcast.net.


Film: I Thought You Knew, Professor Donna Rawlins, Nicole Dennison Alexander Production Film: Probable Cause, Ma Jones, Blue Lion Club Production LLC Film: Premonition, Mary, DIM Pictures, LLC Film: Christian Versus Christian, Lawyer #2 , Robert Townsend/Bell Productions Fim: Watson Manor (TV Pilot), Lorene Bailey, brite2morrow Productions Film: Medea Goes To Jail, Extra, Tyler Perry Studios Film: House Of Payne, Class Reunion Guest, Tyler Perry Studios TV: House Of Payne. Class Reunion Guest , Tyler Perry Studios Theater: The Real Golden Girls, Bonnie, W. T. Jones Studios/Georgia Theater: Bodies Modeling, Mrs. Helen Kroft, Eyes On The Sky Productions, LLC Theater: Till Death Do Us Part, Deceased Debra, Porter Sanford III Art Center/Georgia Theater: No Shells, Sharon, Porter Sanford III Art Center/Georgia Theater: Little Black Girl’s Blues, Big Phyllis, Porter Sanford III Art Center/Georgia Theater: The Darker Face of the Earth, Scylla, Actor’s Express/Georgia Theater: Daughter’s Of Men (Book), Hosea William’s Daughter, Southwest Arts Center/Georgia Theater: Doubt, Mrs. Muller (US), Alliance Theatre/Georgia Theater: El Hajj Malik: The Life andTimes of Malcolm X, Malcolm X, Southwest Arts Center/Georgia Theater: Having Our Say, The Delany Sisters ’First 100 Years,' Dr. Bessie Delany, Theatre Decatur/Ge Theater: Young Acts, Country Woman/Wanda, Theater Emory/Georgia Theater: Crimson Stain, Marva Corrin, Class Act Theatre Company/Georgia Commercial: Publix Round up Sale, Voice Over, Spot Chex (Aftra/SAG Atlanta) Commercial: RBC Bank, Driver, Stilwell Casting


Painted backdrops Directed and Cast Plays Playwright


MAT Awards: Nominated Major Supporting Actress for Scylla in "The Darker Face of the Earth"