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Richardson, Texas

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Marco Soto is a creative powerhouse. With degrees in creative writing and video production as well as a number of self pursued disciplines, Marco brings a myriad of skills to bear in his work. He has taught himself Adobe Illustrator as well as Adobe InDesign to enhance his potential.

With a long history of creating and designing on multiple platforms, Marco continues to work hard to expand his range. He loves what he is doing and sees it, not as a job, but more of a calling. Loyal and motivated, Marco has created logos, designed entire books and will work long and hard to produce the best products possible.

A dedicated team player, Marco is comfortable following directions as well as taking the lead when necessary. Having experience working as a member of a team, as well as a team lead, Marco has both the ability and humility that makes working with others productive.

Marco is ready, willing, and able to put his creative talents as a video editor at your disposal. Call or Email today.

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