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Phoenix, Arizona

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My name is Christopher Mas I am a professional Sound Mixer located in Arizona. I am passionate and dedicated to my craft and I can guarantee you the best sound for your project. I'm versatile and can work on any type of production (Reality, Documentary, Commercials, etc). Finally I own and operate film industry standard audio equipment.

I have been in the industry since 2012.


Vice News Comedy Central Facebook Laconic Production Nike Run Fox Sports NBTV Studios NFL Fuzz On The Lens Production CBS Sports Horizon Media Film Of The Universe KP Pictures Broken Toaster Productions Mustache LLC Epic Productions Imagewise Inc New Dominion Pictures Market Road Films Flo Elite Pendragwn Productions Sniffen Pictures Create Entertainment CRM Studios Spectrum Video Productions Big B Productions LLC Verb Cabin CNN Day's End Pictures Northstar Creative Dig For Fire Productions Full-Screen INC


Sound Devices 664 - 6 Track Digital Recorder Rode NTG3 Microphone with Blimp/ DeadCat 4 Wireless Sennheiser G3 with Lapel Mic 2 Lectrosonics SMV / 2 Lectrosonics UCR411A Digital Hybrid Receiver 4 IFB Denecke Smart Slate 2 CountyrMen B3 and 8 Sanken Cos11 lavelier with Clips Sennheiser wireless hop to camera Betso Box Time Code Generator and World Clock 15 XLR Cables - 12 BNC Cables 1 XL Coiled Boompole 9' Coiled Boompole