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Robert James Atton is a professional SFX makeup artist, Producer, Production Designer and Screenwriter specializing in Film and Television. He began doing makeup at young age before youtube tutorial video’s where even a thought. He jokes when talking about his beginning saying I started in a place called mom’s kitchen. From the 8th grade up until he was twenty-one years of age he worked in a haunted house doing my own makeup and helping with the setup process. The haunted house was a youth group work effort to raise money for our church youth group.

Robert’s professional journey began in 2016. He worked as an additional makeup artists on an independent horror film in Wisconsin called Black Creek which was released on Video on demand back in Feb of 2018. Now it’s available on Itunes and Amazon prime.

He also followed that up the next year where he worked on two short films as the lead makeup artist "The Eunuch" which was shot in July 2017 and "Southern Strategies" which was shot in October 2017. Southern Strategies; I not only was the key makeup artists but I did wardrobe as well.

In 2019 for two school project short films, I worked on Dead in Blues as the Sfx makeup artists, production designer, and sound designer and followed that up just shortly after with helping out my classmates with their film as the key makeup artist and dipped my hand a little in production design as well having access to a lot of props needed for the film.

When talking about his visional experience, Robert had worked in the emergency room for five years and in the operating room for a year and nine months. Every day I had seen firsthand the devastating effects of social disruption and personal violence. I often have seen trauma victims in a state of agony. This has provided me a unique media perspective on what the world doesn't always see and gives me an opportunity to share a real experience.

I look forward to the opportunity of working with you.

Robert James Atton


Special Effects Makeup Artists – Black Creek
April, 2016 — April, 2016
Feature – Director James Crow
Lead Special Effects Makeup Artists – The Eunuch
July, 2017 — July, 2017
Short Film – Emeir
Lead Special Effects Nakeup Artists – Southern Strategies
October, 2017 — October, 2017
Short Film – Juan Antonio del Rosario productions

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