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Hello, my name is Jose Antonio Cerro,a long experienced animator in feature films. Since 1992 I've been involved in more than 10 feature films, working for major companies like DISNEY, WARNER or FILMAX. To highlight some of them, there is a few Spanish Academy Goya's winners among the tittles, like "EL CID, THE LEGEND" or "NOCTURNA". All along these past years I've also been involved in several TV shows making storyboards or as a character designer. In 2004 I was animation director on "GISAKU", a Japanese style feature film nominated for a Goya that year. In 2007 I had to leave Spain, once again, for join an Oscar's nominated feature "The Illusionist" as a lead animator, directed by Sylvain Chomet. One of the latest achievements I've been willing to get is to be involved in a top range video game, being in charge of making the cinematics, entitled "Castlevania's Lords of Sadows", created by Konami in collaboration with Mercury Steam and Hideo Kojima.
Currently I'm a member of Cinematography's sciences Academy of Spain and I alternate working on high quality productions with teaching, as the language of cinema in Universidad Europea de Madrid and as a chief and coordinator of the animation specialty in the Cinema School in Madrid, Escuela de Cine y del audiovisual de la Comunidad de Madrid, ECAM, since 2008.

I hope you find this interesting.

JAC Animation Show Reel
Added on 7/17/2013

A compilation of my best work in animation industry.

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