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Lisa Blair Voice will provide fast, accurate, and cost-effective voice overs for your audiobooks, medical and corporate narration, e-Learning, and commercials. Lisa’s light Southern accent lends an inviting warmth to her natural, husky, and sensual voice – just the sound you’re looking for…

Hiring a professional voice actor will save you time and money in the long run. Lisa Blair’s voice over experience and talent can help you increase your revenue and reduce your stress! Contact Lisa today for your free custom quote, custom audition, or to share the details of your project!

Lisa’s professional studio gives her the ability to provide outstanding voice overs quickly (usually within 24 hours) and affordably. She lives in the Greater Knoxville Tennessee Area and has access to state-of-the-art production studios whenever needed. Her location also geographically puts her within less than a day’s drive to Atlanta, Nashville, Chattanooga, Asheville, and Lexington.

Lisa has worked in live theatre for many years and has worn all of the hats that come with it! In high school, she was compared to Lucille Ball in her improv class! She founded a local community theatre company in 2008 (which is still a successful entity!) and has trod the boards as actress, singer, director, stage manager, and Queen Victoria! Phew! Her acting skills and ability to craft characters will bring sincere emotion, authenticity, and humor to your commercial, audiobook, or narration project.

With over 35 years of job-related experience in the medical/health field, Lisa Blair has a credible and fluent voice in medical terminology and complex technical material. Your projects for medical training, online medical courses, instructional materials, and more will be taken to the next level with Lisa’s professional and concise - yet warm and friendly - delivery.

As an avid reader and doer, Lisa is self-educated in managing a theatre company, business management, running a nonprofit board of directors, Broadway-style SAG-AFTRA stage management, computer software/technology, audio engineering, stage lighting, event planning, and fundraising. Her organizational talents are legendary and are either regarded with awe or dread (depending on whether you like being organized or not)!

Hand-in-hand with her depth of knowledge and learning abilities, Lisa's corporate and business narrations will reach and hold on to your employees, shareholders, partners, customers, or learners with a completely believable and conversational tone. Confidence tempered with warmth while delivering the simple to the esoteric copy is Lisa's specialty.

A life-long love of learning, reading, and the arts have created Lisa’s passion for the world of voice over!

“Thanks for your interest, and I look forward to speaking with you!”

I have been in the industry since 2018.

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