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With more than six years television, broadcast, online and corporate experience I've continued to develop my skills, interests and abilities in several crucial areas from initial development to production and post-production. With more recent clients including the BBC, The Disney Channel and Gallo Wines I've become well accustomed to not only the natural procedures involved in taking a project from pitch and commission to broadcast and beyond but also the vital ability to be able to wear more than one hat within a team or department. Beginning as a material and comedy writer for broadcast television panel shows I soon progressed to the role of Assistant Producer with The Foundation Television Productions' in-house development department where I not only had the great responsibility of creating original ideas and projects in conjunction with pitching to major international broadcasters but I also had the opportunity to put my creative talents to further use by single handedly editing promotional sizzlers, mood-tapes and teasers using Final Cut Pro, Premiere, Avid and After Effects in addition to designing all information and image-heavy project documents and pitch bibles from scratch with Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. This was greatly beneficial when coming to work in the corporate arena for highly-esteemed clients as it also allowed me to further my knowledge and awareness behind the camera making me more familiar with hardware and equipment as well as the technical responsibilities required to efficiently direct and produce.

In addition to having extensive experience planning, producing, filming and directing both on location and in the studio I'm also a proficiently trained camera operator being a regular shooter with the Canon 5D MKIII, 7D, C300, SonyXDCAMs, Z1 and Z5 with good knowledge of the prepare-shoot-digitise-deliver workflow, consistently looking to refine both these processes all the time with a keen eye for new, interesting and revolutionary tools. I have a great, easy going professional attitude with a good sense of humour and a flawless knack for delivering even to the tightest of deadlines. As an experienced scriptwriter I have a sound knowledge for industry applications such as Final Draft and I hold a good eye from correct use of grammar and comprehensible writing. Please feel free to visit my website where you can a collection of video clips demonstrating my production and post-production abilities - www.perryjohn.net

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