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My name is Kevin and I see the world in 3D. In April 2012 I graduated from the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) with a Bachelor IT: Game Development and Entrepreneurship degree. Specializing in Maya and 3DSMax, I live my life in the world of 3 planes: X-Y-Z.

I originally went to UOIT to receive a degree in BSC: Computer Science, but after constructing a LED calculator using logic gates and transistors I knew that the electrical engineering side of computers was not for me; I needed a change. However, I retained the knowledge and logic that coding taught me, and I was able to focus more on the other aspects involved in creating a game; 3D modeling, game design, interface/menu design, monetization strategies and documentation.

 The past few years I have been honing my skills with the Autodesk Suite and Adobe Creative Suite.. Through 100's of hours of work I have produced various shorts, some unfinished and some polished, which have attributed to a great deal of experience in both modeling and my artistry overall. Living in a '3D world' I notice the finer details in the real world and transfer that to my models. Nothing in nature is perfect and models should have a certain amount of 'chaos' about them to make them feel 'real'.

 I have always been interested in creating things, beginning with plasticine models in my childhood to comic books/graphic novels in my teenage years. With Maya and game design I finally found a medium that combined my love for modeling and my love for storytelling, 3D modeling. During my studies I was exposed to various programs; the Autodesk© Suite, Unity© and the Adobe© Creative Suite; with these my love and amazement for digital art grew. With enough time anything can be created; it's the ultimate way to turn imagination into creation and it was this realization that turned me to modeling, game design and animation.

'Turn imagination into creation'.

General 3D Demo reel from 2012
Added on 8/7/2013

Made in 2012, this video is a culmination of my 3D modelling work done while attending the University of Ontario.

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