Marian Bell

Mobile, Alabama


About Me

Office work has been my primary job function for many years. Spent 8+ years running a one-person office in a local recording studio, Soundworks. Did most everything from invoices/statements, accounts payable/receivable, typing, selecting/scheduling talent, ordering supplies, and a myriad of other day-to-day office tasks. Additionally, on occasion, did some studio work running the board, making dubs, etc. (however this was prior to the computerization of production work). In recent years have been working in a social services setting as a receptionist, longing to get back into an entertainment industry setting.

In the meantime, have always had an interest in photography, and with the digital age, have truly enjoyed having the ability to do my own photo editing to improve picture quality or to create something totally new and vastly different from the original image. Oftentimes using the resulting images in greeting cards for family/friends, creating DVD slideshows, or posting them for sale on two internet sites. Have created 6 Mardi Gras slideshows, with music, running from 21-70 minutes using photos I've taken at local parades.

Would like to continue doing these things in a job setting, whether it includes more mundane office job duties or as job functions all their own.

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