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Dereck Romano, our founder, started DeeRock with complete passion, faith, will power, knowledge and understanding that there NEEDED to be a company that works with the artist and/or management on a fixed budget. After being in the music and entertainment business for well over 18 years, he has discovered new ways to enhance our clienteles’ experience. We take any budget, break it down and help restructure it to help you find the best possible way to fill your needs in this falling economy.

DeeRock Productions is a full service production, booking, promotions/marketing, media and event planning company based out of Gloucester, Ma. Music and entertainment is our passion. We thrive on the rush of adrenaline pushing through us when we successfully pull off our goals, dreams, hopes and wishes!

DeeRock Productions has been in the industry for over 18 years. We have come across new and improved ways to service the entertainer(s). While keeping a look and feel of a professional, still saving them major monies in all areas of cost and general over head. No matter the genre, we will work to help you any way we can to bring your live show to life. Our specialty is helping YOU!! We are a full scale production company offering you all you need to make your show come to life.

We will give all music our hearts and souls, with that type of commitment our boundaries are limitless.

DeeRock Productions mission statement:

We pride ourselves on helping local independent artists, bands, songwriters and venues achieve excellence. By doing this we have created very affordable business solutions for our clients. We have been service the music industry for over 18 years and are still going. We Worked on projects with LocoBazooka, Music for Middlesex and the Steve Gladden Foundation, Select Service International, Life Touch Studios, just mention a few, also the countless independent projects we have launched without a hitch.

From Marketing / Promoting and or planning your regional to national tour, We help artists on every level, as well as
Promoting & booking your venues are just a few of the services we offer.
We do not offer anything we cannot back 100%. There becomes a point in every performer’s career where they say ‘this is just for fun’ or ‘ is this my life’, well, this is our life. Sure we have fun with it, nevertheless we need to achieve greatness for any and all whom we work with.

If you are at the point in your career where you want to take the next step and want to have solid foundation, representation then we are here to be your voice. We have a great experienced entertainment staff working with DeeRock Productions or along side. We have tons to offer so feel free to drop us a line.

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Our business is based on your average, basic email and phone. Any business related correspondence should be taken directly to our email or via phone. We do not mind making contact on our social networking sites, but any business we conduct is done the old fashion way. When one of us delegates something to another team member, it's confusing for us to track everything that's being said down on different forums. If you need anything or would like to inquire, please visit our website or the about us tab for contact information.

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