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Filmaugraphy: I began in the film industry as an extra in a movie at the age of 18years old and became so interested in every aspect of filming I jumped right in, volunteering myself in any position available. Because of that tenacity I was able to learn almost every phase of filming. I also found a passion for Special Effects and over years of apprenticeships with known Effects Artists in the industry eventually formed my own company called “Tomisha Effects” and enjoyed many years of success. But always found myself missing the rigging and building that comes with the grip department. I took a hiatus for awhile and became a General and Electrical Contractor. And have recently had the opportunity to get back into the industry and have found a new “Gaffing”, having spent years installing custom lighting found it to come nautral as well as already having a working knowledge of gaffing.

Qualifications: I am knowledgeable of most grip and lighting packages,, props, set design and construction, project management, problem solving, shooting schedules, shot lists, call sheets, day out of days, contractual agreements, location scouting. Can rig or build almost anything needed and can do it out of almost anything. Most of my experience is on low budget projects, which you must be more creative and ended up developing a nick name on sets “McGuyver”. You need it, I will figure out a way to make it happen, which also goes with my energy on the set, which ,ask anyone who has worked with me, will tell you im am a positive attitude now make what’s going on. I also demand that of my crew, i do not tolerate negative attitude, for that can change everyone else’s around and possibly filter down to the actors on set.
I am a licensed General and Electrical contractor and have extensive experience with electrical tie in, load calculation, load distribution, electrical panels as well as structural loads and all phases of construction.

I have been in the industry since 1987.

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