Jennifer "Jenell" Konschak

Long Beach, California

About Me

Born into an artistic, creative family, I have been surrounded by art and music my entire life. When I was very young, art was my whole life. After Disney put out The Little Mermaid, there was absolutely nothing more I wanted than to be an artist. Due to my love of all things mermaid, I tried out for the role of Ariel in my school's 4th grade Spring concert. As fate would have it, I got the part and my passion for music, in particular singing, took hold. But this story does not end there. The music bug that took me away from art was also the thing that brought me back when it came time to design an album cover for my first full length album, "Localized Phenomenon" in 2007. In a flash, the art bug was back! Eventually, it led me to the college I attended, the Art Institute of Philadelphia. It all came full circle and I am back doing what my childhood self once dreamed of.

Having just received my Bachelor's degree in Media Arts & Animation, I am excited to begin my career and hope to have many opportunities to work on projects that draw from two of my greatest passions: art and music.

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