Annie Burns

New York, New York

About Me

Professional Summary:
• As an industry proven Line Producer, I have 95+ production credits completed over the last 24 months inclusive of commercials, industrials, music videos, web content and independent feature films.
• I continue to seamlessly deliver productions, staffing and equipment at or below pre-production budgets with efficient post-production wrap and true up of A/P.

Production Specialties and Achievements:
Financial Innovation & Line Producing:
• Creative budgeting focus from initial artistic and agency concept to funded budgets in excess of $1.5 mil.
• Developed proprietary financial reporting designs appealing to non-financial production participants in creative and executive roles.
• Innovated proprietary tax incentive analysis, profitability and financial assumption tables for production companies illustrating equipment rental vs. purchase break-evens, micro transaction analysis, hybrid distribution models and other ad hoc reports.
• Managed crews from 15 to 75 personnel inclusive of planning detail for all stages of productions while acting as a liaison between clients, union/non-union crew and vendors.
• Quick problem-solver tasked with immediate crisis management role on any-given shoot day while managing and maintaining positive crew morale.

Line Production Credit Highlights:
• Television: 30 Rock, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon; promotional content for the Golden Globes, Emmy Awards & ESPN. Major commercial brands including as Nike, Google, Tide, Victoria’s Secret, Yves Saint Laurent. Independent Feature Films: 3 People I’ve Never Heard Of, Little Galicia (2014)

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