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Franklin Prather aka Derrick, a very a simple person who Using his common sense to get by in life, and who really enjoys living life the best why possible. Franklin enjoys watching movies so much, that he created a passion for making feature films, which led him to complete his education in film Production. Franklin believes that if you help others it serves as inspiration and motivation to collaborate with those around you, which helps spark the creativity of those you work with. He knows it's vital to strengthen and make the best use of ones learning capacity. When one practices concentration you can retain a clear mental vision. By expressing clear mental vision in an artistic why. Makes Franklin very excited to freelance and work with others in the film/video industry.

Added on 4/14/2015

As a school project I had the opportunity to work with three other fellow students to create a documentary of our choice. The trailer featured is from a documentary about breaking dancing within the…

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