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DM Films is a creative partner. We evoke emotion and grab attention through innovative storytelling, cinematography, and motion graphics. Our work has been featured across the globe at festivals such as the Cannes International Film Festival, and has won numerous awards for outstanding creativity and technical excellence.

We specialize in 3 main areas.


At DM Films, we love creating commercials and the challenge of capturing the audience’s attention in a short period of time. Even with camera technology advancing at a rapid rate, it’s worthless if you cannot move the audience. Our directors are multi-award winners and have proven, time and time again, the importance of good storytelling.


Music videos are true treasures when it comes to combining two of the greatest art forms of all time, and producing them is one of our favorite things to do. We have worked with numerous record labels and artists and take pride in our ability to create music videos that satisfy the needs of our clients.


We aim to produce the most interesting films, with the upmost of quality and international permeance. We work with some of the biggest names in hollywood to produce films that tell meaningful stories and make a difference in the world.


We walk you through the entire process. ~ From day one, our philosophy has been to ensure the entire production process is as easy as possible for clients. There’s no need to worry about what your project will look like, or what it will sound like. After listening to your ideas and needs, we create a storyboard and script for you.

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We have been in the industry since 2012.

DM FILMS 2012/2013 Demo Reel
Added on 8/17/2013
This video represents most of our client work within the past year. It also represents the consistency of excellence within our company. We have created a brand that has a reputation of being unique and reliable in creating work that is visually compelling.

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