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Illuminate Studios provides four stages fully equipped for multi-camera HD production, with pre-lit sets, a kitchen set, a talk show set, a news set, social TV connectivity, broadcast transmission capabilities, RED cameras rental, and a lot more. We welcome partnerships to produce new content.

illuminate Studios combines the highest quality production values with state-of-the art hardware and software solutions. We provide inventive technological and workflow solutions for independent producers & clients who need to maximize their production budgets.

- HD multi-camera production
- Four fully equipped stages
- Kitchen and talk show sets
- Green screen
- Green rooms
- RED camera rental
- Live streaming
- Social media: twitter & Skype
- Satellite broadcasting

Fully equipped multi-camera HD studio with ready-to-use pre-lit standing sets, for news, talk shows, cooking shows. Delivered in HD to internet, fiber optic and satellite destinations.

Live Broadcasting is ideal for a wide variety of shoots including:
Satellite media tours
Radio tours
Live shots
Public service announcements
Live news feeds
Video tape playback
Live inserts
Home shopping
Breaking news
UStream programs

illuminate Studios offers cameras and an extensive line of equipment for in-house rental:
Cameras and equipment for HD production
Sony MVS-6000 switcher with 2 MEs
Four Sony HDC-900s with 25x box lenses
Four Sony HDC-950s
Jib with 12’ arm
Telex wireless RTS system
Chyron HyperX: 2 channels
Abekas MXC DDR
Vinten pedestals with prompter heads
Gentner system
Yamaha O2R audio mixer
16’ high 96-channel lighting grid
HD monitors and a variety of peripheral equipment
Full grip/lighting complement
Audio package

illuminate Studios offers complete turn-key production including mobile production with a fully equipped staff of trained mobile broadcast technicians. Live streaming of PPV and other events via UStream and other live streaming platforms.

illuminate welcomes coproduction opportunities, including partnerships and joint ventures. Please contact us for more information.

Need post production editing and/or audio services? Our Illumitate Post/Digital Finishing facilities is less than a mile away...

We have been in the industry since 1995.

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