Joshua Sheik

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Enterprise, Alabama

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Director/Producer for Ebed Pictures

Former Army Aviation Captain, flying the Chinook through two tours in Iraq, now turned filmmaker.


Added on 7/30/2015

Worth Fighting For Trailer

Trailer for film currently in post-production

Director: Christian's Carol - Feature Film
Director: Worth Fighting For - Feature Film
Director: Darke - Web Series
Producer/Director: Daily Journal - Web Series
AD: Onyx - Feature Film
DP: Van Helsing - Trailer
2AC: The Last Rescue - Feature Film
FS100 Camera
Dolly Set and 10' Track
Audio Recording Equipment
Shoulder Mount
Light set
Green Screen
Stickipod car mount
3rd Place Glory Reelz Film Festival (Christian's Carol)
International Christian Film Festival (Christian's Carol)
Gideo Film Festival (Christian's Carol)