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Broadcast transmission, internet streaming, Q-Take via satellite, client/creative Zoom sessions via satellite.
Professional grade.

"It feels like we never left LA. Everything just works."

Remote and isolated locations -Remotely managed terminals - Short turn around - Proven track record - Large and small projects.

Turnkey service or integration with existing uplink facilities.

We offer reliability, security, efficiency, and the biggest satellite bandwidth used on a production to date - 150 Mb/s via satellite.

CBTV owns and operates compact 4 wheel drive, dual path satellite trucks based in California, Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

Multiple Ku Flyaway terminals based in California. Individually licensed for broadcast services - IP and video. Quick deployment, small footprint, 3 to 7 cases travel as airline baggage.

Operations and affiliates internationally.

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We have been in the industry since 1991.

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