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I'm Robert Roach & I freelance as an illustrator & 'board artist--working manually & digitally. My art-related résumé & relevant links to my art & credits are listed below. However, I also have an extensive production/managerial background in the entertainment industry--from WB's film management trainee program to assistant manager in post on a daily TV show to a producer's assistant.

Here's a brief overview of my background:
--15+ years as a storyboard artist (features--live action & animation, commercials, TV animation, etc.).
--15+ years in the comics industry.
--2D & 3D production experience. Work on computer generated video games (2D character design/colors/textures & storyboards). Storyboard artist on a CG animated feature, "Something Fishy" (

Until my web engineer & I finish overhauling my site recent art is available at the link shown below--at my FB "photo galleries" page. All the galleries beginning with a digit are related to my storyboard & concept art samples.

Thanks for your time. Take care.

My 'Board Directory page is at:
My comics work is at:
Artwork at my company's Facebook page:
Links to IMDb & InBaseLine credits (incomplete listings):
4ºC's website:
The Product Page (my name in Japanese is written as ローチ・ロバート):
My (still under reconstruction) website's designation is:
As a Continuing Education instructor, here's a link to my info at Otis' website:,faculty.php?fac=57&sem=28

Notable storyboard/illustration clients include:

Darren Bousman/Hy•Drau•Lx Entertainment/Radical Studios
---“Abattoir” feature film storyboards
Disney XD Channel/Roger
---“Chicken Dare”, summer 2013 a series of extended bumpers, tying Disney XD programs to recurring, silly challenges with an addled chicken
---“The Sno-Bots”, holiday 2012 bumpers & short commercials
Tretenluc Productions
---Digital artwork (in Illustrator) for the web TV project, "Budget Adventures"
Darren Bousman/Blah Shank Productions!
---“SACRILEGE” feature film’s trailer’s pre-viz storyboards
Darren Bousman/Oxymoron Entertainment/Radical Publishing
---“Abattoir” feature film’s test trailer’s pre-viz & CG storyboards
Southern California Gas Company/Image Work Communications
---animated PSAs & commercials
Burger King/Roger
H&R Block/Red Creek Entertainment
---NYC & LA commercials (Spanish language)
Hewlett Packard/Image Work Communications (via The Creative Group)
---animated commercial
Studio 4º Celsius (Premier Japanese animation studio—“Thundercats 2011”, “Halo: Legends”, “Batman: Gotham Knight”, “Animatrix”, “Spriggan”, etc.)
---special event for Tokyo's Kichijoji neighborhood—designed custom-made watch for the studio (one of 36 illustrators, worldwide, included in the project)
Warner Bros. (via Mob Scene)
---“Green Lantern” feature—theatrical trailer's presentation/CGI production 'boards
Spotlight Media (Zurich, Switzerland)/Peter Luisi
Media Factory Inc. (Los Angeles, CA/Mumbai, India)
---“Something Fishy” CG animated feature—storyboard artist for the film's final one-third
20th Century Fox/Toho & Towa Studios (via Mob Scene)
---“Jumper” feature—theatrical & online movie trailer tags
HSI Productions (Joseph Kahn)
---“Detention” feature film
20th Century Fox/Nokia (via Mob Scene)
---“Jumper” feature—online commercial product placement tie-ins
New Line Cinema, October Films
---“Thick As Thieves” feature film
Maxx Ink! (Paramount)/Animation
---“Buffy the Vampire Slayer” fill-in artwork
Bird & a Bear Entertainment (Cedric “The Entertainer” directorial debut)
---“Chicago Pulaski Jones” feature film
De Passe Zane Entertainment/The Company Pictures
---"Zane's Sex Chronicles" pilot (Cinemax)
Able Kane Productions
---"CREAM" feature film
Wendy’s Restaurants/Red Creek Entertainment
---commercial (Spanish language)
Roberts/David Films Inc.
---“Mate” feature film
Robert Blalack Project (Academy Award Winner—“Star Wars” ’77)
---“Untitled Political Thriller” feature film (production/storyboard illustrations)
Universal Studios
---“Movie Monster Magic Lab” short
Ford Trucks--Zubi Agency/The Artist Company-A & R Group
---Ford F-150 commercial
20th Century Fox
---various “making of” specials & commercials for features such as “Speed 2”, “Anastasia”, “Aliens: Resurrection”, “Planet of the Apes (’01)”, etc.
JetBlue Airlines--U-Direct Agency
---numerous commercials
Disney/Sam Hurwitz Productions
---Raven Symone music video
DIC Entertainment
---“Street Sharks” episodic TV/animation
Fox Atomic
---breakdown ‘boards for “The Hills Have Eyes 2” online commercial
---Mann's Chinese Theatre Movie Intro/CGI
Mutual Of New York

Other noteworthy work includes:

• N3V/Broken Switch Studios
---character avatars for "Turbo Trainz" CGI video game
• Warner Bros./"Sucker Punch"
---translation, Japanese/English for director & concept artist
• Cablevey
---advertising illustrations for industrial manufacturer
• History In Action (HIA) Toys
---action figure turnarounds
• Broken Switch Studios
---game storyboards & 2D character designs/turnarounds for "The Pledge" CGI video game
• Image Comics/Desperado Publishing
---penciler, letterer, toner for short story, “State of the Gary”, which appeared in the anthology Negative Burn #11
• Black Inc! Imprints
---award-winning self-publisher for “The Roach” & “Menthu”

Proficient with brush, pen & ink, pencil, markers, water colors, permanent pigments, PhotoShop & Illustrator

Am able to illustrate subject matter from storyboard format to comic book artwork to “cartoony” to photorealistic

Fuller résumé, including design work (action figures, art direction for film, etc), comics artwork, fine art & other work in the entertainment industry, available upon request


I have been in the industry since 1994.

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