David Romo de Vivar

Cleveland, Ohio


About Me

I was born in southern Texas and raised in small town in northern Mexico, Camargo, Chihuahua. After finishing high school I went to medical school in Monterrey. I eventually decided to follow my true passion in the creative industry and shifted gears in my career path. I finished my bachelor’s degree on Animation and Digital Art on May 2013.

My interest in the creative industry began in middle school when I got involved in school´s newspaper when we had to come up with clever advertising ideas, surfing the web for inspiration I realized how important creativity is to get you message across to an audience. This interest continued through high school and I jumped after every opportunity to participate in creative projects such as school plays, dancing, short film making and organization of social events.

Seen my work helping others has always brought me satisfaction so I decided to go to Medical School. I later realized help can come in many ways and one can better help when doing something one truly enjoys. I believe every professional should enjoy their work and provide a service to others doing what they love.

Demo Reel
Added on 8/27/2013
The reel consist of 3 main sections. My role in the different projects is indicated in brackets. The video starts with a motion graphics section which was done on after effects (camera animation, color correction, particles, layering etc.). The illustrations were made by Afo González and the projects were directed by Jesus Partida and Oscar Carrales. The second section shows cuts from a 3D animated short film I directed "El Portal de Jade" (The Jade Portal). Lastly, the final cuts show three projects of live action short films I also directed. The name of the track I use is Rock Face by Analog by Nature (see link below), this excludes the sound effects at the opening of the reel which I made specifically for this video. ccmixter.org/files/AnalogByNature/41851 Site: daavidromo.wix.com/davidromodevivar

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