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Oakton, District of Columbia

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My past experience has been in theatre. I have written and directed short plays, worked in wardrobe for a full length production of Harvey at the University of Mary Washington Spring 2013, and been an extra on the DC-based web series Cap South and an upcoming Noah Baumbach film currently referred to as "Untitled Public School Project."

After this extra work and about ten years of reading books on screenwriting and production (my faves are How Not to Make a Short Film by Roberta Marie Munroe and Which Lie Did I Tell? by William Goldman, among others) I am searching for an opportunity to work in the industry, paid or otherwise.

Please let me know if you have any opportunities. I am very capable, have knowledge of basic editing, basic film terms, and would be willing to work any position you need. Primarily, I would love the opportunity to meet other people in the DC film community and to be a part of a great team and a cool project.

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