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The Discovery Performing Arts Institute’s mission is to remain a school that accepts all people—from around the globe—and afford them the opportunity to go on a journey of discovering their God-given talents in the arts and entertainment industry. Furthermore, we are here to continue to expose those who are willing to take the journey to a world where they can actually apply their gifts in musicals, television, commercials, film, modeling shows, national and regional stage and concert tours, and more. We are here to educate and empower entertainers; to help dreams come alive and become a reality.

Our school is a multi-cultural performing arts institute with a Christian foundation. It is our goal to become known as a leading institute that produces God-loving and multi-talented entertainers who are fearless in taking on challenging storylines and taboo plots. “Our motivation is integrity,” says Kenyon Dudley; Co-Founder of The Discovery.

Our Founders both have mutual beliefs that anyone—no matter what your life obstacles or circumstances are—can thrive in the arts and entertainment business given the proper guidance and opportunities. Both of our Founders took on the mission to create a rigorous, competitive, and informative curriculum where anyone from ages 6 years old and beyond can come to learn the depth of the entertainment and arts industry. Acting, modeling, dance, writing, and producing are the five main pillars of concentration in our school. The Discovery Performing Arts Institute has a unique set-up. It also has a Casting Division where each student has the opportunity to audition and be cast in current projects that are written and produced by our very own Discovery Producers and Writers who have trained with us. Each project is given a legitimate platform and Executive Produced by Our Founders’ production company known as KENfolk Productions. Furthermore, our Discovery Talent Scouts work effortlessly with affiliated television networks, travelling tour companies, and production companies to provide exclusive casting call auditions for our Discovery students (talent) only; giving our students first-look opportunities

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