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Campbell, California

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*Fully Vaccinated!*
Production Assistant - Whatever needs it (Driving, set up break down, runner, etc.)
Key Grip - Familiar with stands, lights, flags, etc.
Videographer - Commercial + Events + works well under pressure in smaller groups
Drone Operator - DJI not yet licensed but very experienced.
Handyman - Adapt, repair, build, etc.
Team Player - Love keeping vibes positive and keeping things moving.
Go-Getter - in film production, there is never a task not worth doing.
Adventurer - Not afraid to take risk or get dirty!
Always Ready To Go!

Taste of Napa: Series with Pilar Sanchez Trailer
Added on 5/5/2021
Taste of Napa: Series with Pilar Sanchez

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Production Assistant – Casa Gala Video 2021

April, 2021 — April, 2021
Other – Crevio
Hired through ProductionHUB

Cinematographer – Taste of Napa: Series with Pilar Sanchez

July, 2013 — July, 2013
Corporate – Grokker

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